Design Development Laboratory Intelligent Manufacture


It has an R & D Center for automotive electronics, optics and machinery design and a R & D team composed of engineers from well-known international parts enterprises for many years. Its technical capabilities cover many fields such as system design, hardware, software, machinery, optics, simulation, process and equipment development, and has software and hardware simulation, hydrodynamics simulation, thermal simulation, finite element analysis And other design and development capabilities.

It has the world's advanced product development platform and project management tools, which are fully in line with the technical development platform of domestic and foreign OEM customers. It has successively won the development fixed point of many projects of mainstream automobile factories such as Geely, BYD, Chang'an and Chery, and successfully developed the supporting domestic market.

At present, the company has won the Municipal Engineering Center, has complete independent intellectual property rights, has been authorized by more than 60 patents, participated in the formulation of national industry standards for various products, and many products have won provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards.

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    There is a well-equipped experimental center, including environmental laboratory, optical laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory and other professional laboratories, covering an area of more than 500 square meters, equipped with multiple customized test equipment. The test items cover the test fields of electrical performance, machinery, environment and durability, and the test conditions meet the test standard requirements of the customers of the main engine factory.


It has an experienced and capable intelligent manufacturing process development team, which has been committed to providing first-class process solutions and the design and development of advanced production line equipment, test equipment, development equipment, tooling and fixtures for many years.

The technology in the field of automotive parts process has formed a complete process chain from SMT and assembly. Master and import the patch technology of aluminum substrate, and skillfully master and import the wave soldering and selective wave soldering technology. Advanced processes such as on-line ICT, on-line plate splitting, connector crimping, automatic spot gluing, glue filling, automatic welding, automatic screw locking and coating technology have been introduced in the field of assembly in the rear section.

In addition to focusing on body electronics and powertrain technology, it also studies advanced technologies in many automotive fields such as automotive new energy products.